IADC World Drilling 2024 Conference & Exhibition


IADC World Drilling 2024, the leadership event for wells professionals, will explore our industry’s challenges and opportunities from a strategic, leadership perspective. The conference will examine improving the value proposition from multiple perspectives – technology, diversity, contracting, collaboration, digital solutions, and more for all stakeholders. Through high-level panels and speakers and through cutting-edge technical papers, the conference will chart each inflection point and trace the path to the industry’s future.

StartJune 18, 2024EndJune 19, 2024
Novotel Madrid Center

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Conference Program

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Jason McFarland, President, IADC

08.40 Opening Presentation: Brad James, 2024 Chairman; President & Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Offshore Drilling

09.50 Keynote Presentation: Gary Buyers, Global Wells Director, Repsol

09.10 Market Outlook
Session Chairs: Josselin Gere, Director Commercial Business Development, Transocean, & Matt Naeher, Senior Commercial Advisor, ExxonMobil

  • Offshore Driller Day Rates, Utilization Rise as Supply Expected to Remain Tight: Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Senior Partner & Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Rystad Energy
  • Global Onshore and Offshore Rig Market Outlook: Terry Childs, Head of RigLogix, Westwood Energy
  • Market Outlook and Capital Market Consideration: Martin Huseby Karlsen, Equity Research, DNB Markets
  • PPHB (invited)

10.30 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

11.00 Geothermal Focused Sustainability
Session Chairs: Shane Marchand, Vice President Marketing, Helmerich & Payne, & Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC

IADC’s Recommendation for How to Drill Geothermal Wells: Scott Farmer, Well Engineering Manager, Helmerich & Payne, IADC Geothermal Committee
The IADC Geothermal Committee presents its inaugural project—the IADC Geothermal Well Drilling Guideline. This international code, encompassing an IADC Classification for geothermal well types, aims to inform the drilling industry, foster sustainable well construction, and gain endorsement from the wider geothermal industry. The guideline, focusing on well design, equipment selection, well control, and safety, supports global geothermal energy development.

European Geothermal Focus: Innovating Sustainability: Ron Klunder, Country Manager – Europe, Simon Drew, KCA Deutag
KCA Deutag has transitioned into a key player in geothermal energy. The presentation will outline the company’s drilling expertise, having drilled several geothermal wells in Europe and South America. Engaging with industry councils, the approach is to enhance well construction, reduce costs, and streamline interfaces. Emphasizing carbon emission reduction, KCA Deutag’s recent experience on the innovative closed-loop technology, highlights the geothermal energy’s growing significance as a sustainable and reliable baseload energy source with minimal emissions.

Advanced Geothermal Drilling Operations: Addressing Challenges, Offering Solutions, and Exploring Opportunities: Alberto Amuzzoni, R&D Manager, Pietro Seccaspina, Drillmec SPA
Drillmec’s advancements in geothermal drilling rig design will be examined, emphasizing technological innovations aimed at boosting efficiency, safety, and cost reduction. Covering low, medium, and high enthalpy wells, this presentation presents diverse solutions, such as rapid-moving pulling units and high-specification rigs with cutting-edge robotic and digital features, that provide evolving geothermal operational needs.

12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

13.30 Five Questions: A conversation with Erik G. Kirkemo, Senior Vice President Drilling & Well, Equinor
Moderator: Guido van den Bos, Business Development Director, NOV

13.50 Artificial Intelligence and Digital Solutions – Adding Value through Technology
Session Chairs: Ian Ferguson, General Manager Wells Operations UK & Norway, Shell, & Brian Woodward, Vice President Corporate Services, Noble Drilling

Machine Learning and Prescriptive Analytics to Optimize Drilling Performance and Prevent Major Downtime Events: Javier Rey, Drilling Data Management Engineer Sr, Repsol
Repsol’s InWell.ai platform has improved time and cost performance of our well construction operations through Machine Learning and advanced analytics. The tool focuses on drilling parameters optimization to improve the rate of penetration and major downtime events prevention with alerts to take corrective actions. Drilling automation will set the next step in the digital journey and will enable remote-controlled operations.

Intersection of Ethics, Governance and Legal Aspects with AI / ML Products, Solutions and Patents (including GenAI) for Drilling Operations: Malini Manocha, Director – Center of Excellence, Enrique Abarca, Nabors, Jarrell Tanner, University of Houston
A wide variety of challenges will be explored from an Ethics, Legal and Governance perspectives on the integration of AI / ML solutions (including GenAI) into products and services related to the drilling industry. A risk assessment framework will be provided to be used as a management tool to ensure the high accuracy and low error rate in predicting the future state to prevent such a risk and creating business value.

Utilizing Digital Technology for Standardization and Data Driven Systematic Operational Improvement: Deepak Gala, Wells Manager- Digitalization & Software Wells Technology, Jerel Jallorina, Ekene Egbunamiri, David Moore, Shell
Digital technologies offer an exciting opportunity to hi-grade the quality of the drilling. This presentation highlights how Shell has applied digital procedure and AI technologies to its reshaped Well’s business to achieve improvements in performance resilient to changes in the industry. Results from the operational application will be shared and value to the global Shell business conclusions are presented.

Seadrill’s PLATO Platform – Breaking Down Silos, and Empowering All Employees: Richard McConomy, Project Manager – Technology Development, Data and Analytics, Seadrill
Seadrill’s digital strategy will be discussed with its key pillars/components. We will cover where PLATO began and its journey to get the platform where it is today. We will elaborate on the importance of employee empowerment and why they were pivotal to its rapid success due to their familiarity with the data, equipment, and our operations. Finally, we will give examples of the tool in action and the benefits and return we have witnessed.

15.10 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

15.40 Featured Presentation: Joe Leimkuhler, Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Offshore Energy

16.00 Workforce Attraction and Retention: What are the effects of Leadership and Culture?
Moderators: Mark Hafle, Senior Drilling Engineering Advisor, Repsol & Jennifer Medcalf, President, and Partner, The REACH Group

Join our panel conversation where we discuss staff retention and attraction in the current environment. We will examine how leadership and culture address new employee expectations and uncover effective strategies for staff retention.

  • Chris French, Business Development Executive, The REACH Group
  • Peter Hone, Rig Inspection Manager, ABL Group
  • Lisa Mullins, Director Human Resources-Offshore, Transocean
  • Avininda Priastuti, Drilling Engineer, Repsol

17.00–18.00 Welcoming Reception, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

Wednesday, 19 June 2024

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Derrick Corporation

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Simon Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Seadrill

08.55 Opening Presentation: Christopher McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, ADNOC Drilling

09.15 Automation & Robotics – Adding Value through Technology
Session Chairs: Celine Martin, Contractor Strategy, TotalEnergies, & Darren Sutherland, Vice President Europe & Africa, Borr Drilling

Automation & Human Performance – An Open Platform for Service Integration: Francesco Ferri, Operations Manager, Transocean, Barry Braniff, Inteliwel, Nils Petter Norheim, Wintershall DEA Norge
Inteliwell is a new automation platform where operational sequences can simply be automated by replicating the actions of the best drillers. Additionally, third party signals can be integrated and automated into the platform as well, including, for example, offline casing building. An overview of the main benefits in terms of performance and reduced risk for human errors will be given, including a description of the roadmap for the next steps.

Redefining Resilience: Evaluating the Path to Uncrewed Drilling: Brennan Goodkey, Drilling Automation – Global Product Champion, Andrew Fabo, SLB
The success of O&G organizations hinges on their resilience amidst a diminishing skilled workforce, heightened expectations of efficiency, and elevated safety standards. Automation is crucial for competitiveness, but this presentation explores if current solutions can truly achieve uncrewed drilling, delving into often overlooked yet crucial factors and offering insights into a pioneering operation designed with these considerations at its core.

New Technologies and Practices to Enable Remote Operations, Increasing Complex long Multilateral Horizontal Wells and Enriching Project Sustainability and Efficiency: A Real Case from Northern Europe: Amrut Dixit, Integrated Remote Operations Hub Leader, Odd Inge Andresen, Roberto Gonzalez, Baker Hughes
Excellent result was achieved by incorporating technology across multiple product lines, enhancing performance, and improving wellbore quality. The aim of this presentation is to present a new way to manage projects by continuously improvement in technology: automation, digitalization and deliver energy in a safer, efficient, and sustainable way. Moreover, due to remote operation implementation we managed to save 697,261kg of equivalent CO2.

Industrial Robots for Offshore Applications – Lessons Learned: Diego Reixach, Marketing Manager, Craig McCormick, Travis McGuire, Transocean
In its commitment to improving safety in the drilling industry, Transocean deployed industrial robots in offshore applications. Despite challenges in implementing new technologies, the trials and deployments have accelerated understanding of fault mechanisms. We will discuss the motivation, milestones, lessons learned, and the immediate positive impact of robotic systems on safety, operational consistency, and efficiency in offshore drilling.

10.35 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Derrick Corporation

11.05 The Industry Funding Challenge – An Interactive Panel Discussion
Moderators: Brage Johannessen, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Parker Wellbore, & Michael Strauss, Vice President – Drilling – Middle East & North Africa, Ensign Energy Services

You (the audience/delegates) submit the key discussion topics and questions around the challenge around who will pay for R&D, technology and ESG efforts for our industry.

  • Stig Åtland, Vice President Drilling & Well Business Excellence, Equinor
  • Truls Olsen, Head of Research, Fearnleys

12.05 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

13.30 Geopolitical Overview: t.b.n.

14.10 Stewardship, Preparing for the Future
Session Chairs: Ludivine Laurent Bureau, Vice President Sales & Marketing, NOV, & Ulrich Hahne, Managing Director, Herrenknecht Vertical

A Fully Integrated Approach to a Successful Deepwater GOM P&A Campaign: Joshua Lambert, Director – Western Hemisphere, Izwan Megat, Kyle McMullen, Parker Wellbore
A fully integrated approach, from FEED to the actual Operate and Manage (O&M) of a newbuild P&A unit, has proven to be a successful model for a deepwater operation in the GOM. The unit had to be installed on an operating production platform, presenting a lot of unique challenges. The team delivered over 550 days of Injury Free Operations (IFO) and completed the project ahead of schedule.

Preparing for a Global Market: Wesley Hunter, Product Line Director – Pressure Control Equipment, Zachary Stewart, NOV
As global opportunities increase, drilling assets are being evaluated for operation in multiple markets. Decision and execution strategies can be developed to improve the chances of success for both marketing opportunities and physical implementation. This presentation explores these challenges following real examples of equipment upgrades, and the methods used to prepare equipment for both today’s global market and tomorrow’s potential.

Connecting Safety and Execution to Change a Culture: Clint Honeycutt, Senior Director Global HSSE, Parker Wellbore
For the last 50+ years, Safety Programs have been focused on complicated management systems, unreliable data, and campaigns to make work safe. Our intent in October 2021 was to make a change that would break that mold by connecting the Safety function to the execution of the work. This was done by stripping the Safety function of duties that were not execution-related, identifying reliable data streams connected to dashboards that show the status of our major risk, the systems to be worker-focused, and all efforts focused on preventing major events. The changes have delivered significant improvement to date, with additional improvements in the pipeline.

15.10 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Derrick Corporation

15.40 Panel Session: Energy Transition
Moderator: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Leader, Baker Hughes

While our industry remains confident towards the energy transition commitments, there is still a significant gap between today’s emissions reductions and the 2030 targets. As we move closer to the deadlines, the challenge remains to quickly adapt to a volatile market and shifting policy landscape, while evolving technologically to keep decarbonizing the system.

How can the industry navigate this challenge and find a way to play a leading role to drive decarbonization, enhance energy security, and continue to be a good citizen within the communities in which it operates?


  • Gordon Ronaldson, Senior Vice-President Kenera Energy Services
  • Oliver Floyd, Wells Manager Marcellus, Repsol
  • Elin Vargervik, Chief Engineer, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority
  • Mohamed El Henawy, Vice President Wells Strategic Planning, BP

16.40 IADC World Drilling 2024 Recap: David Reid, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, NOV

17.00 Adjournment

Poster Session & Unassigned Papers of Note

The following paper proposals are presented as posters and will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Electric Ram Blowout Preventer: Greg Myers, Product Director, J. Holmes, Amine Abou-Assaad, HMH
An introduction to the HMH prototype E-BOP system and benefits compared to conventional hydraulic BOP systems, including significantly reduced test times, depth independence for subsea systems, reduced complexity, removal of fluid skids (mixing, pumping, accumulator), lighter overall system weight and reduced rig up time. We will articulate key learnings and a clear path to bring this technology leap to the drilling space.

Sustainable Drilling: Lowering Fuel Costs and Emissions with Natural Gas Engines: David Azhocar, Lead Power Generation Product Manager, INNIO Waukesha Engine
As energy producers seek new and innovative ways to meet their sustainability targets and goals, attendees will learn about engine generator sets fueled by 100% natural gas powering today’s drilling rigs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating expenses while achieving diesel-like transient performance.

Fostering a Learning and Performance Culture Through Learning Teams: Andrew Knight, Vice President, The REACH Group
An introduction to the concept of Learning Teams and explores how it supports developing a culture that fosters continuous learning and improved performance. It will discuss a “pre-incident” investigation mindset towards task execution and challenge the conventional view of task planning. The new O&G generation needs and expects to see a fresh approach towards delivering business success, and we should too.

The Importance of Human Factors between a Drill Crew and an MPD Supervisor. A Human Factors Case Study by Boots on the Ground: Robert Howell, MPD Technical Advisor, Pruitt
A field perspective on how human factors has been accepted by the industry workforce in US land operations, US GOM and International operations. The presentation will cover the importance of an interaction between drillers and MPD supervisors.

Noval Approach to Drill Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Wells across Challenging Reservoirs: Muhammad Asef Hashmi, Senior Drilling Engineer, ADNOC Onshore
The challenges and its mitigation explained in this presentation will support the idea to plan and drill the well beyond the reservoir boundaries to gather more data and to enhance more production. Also, this paper will provide novel approach of having lower completion in MRC/ERD wells which helps to attain more control on injectivity / productivity of reservoir because of proper isolation by swell packers and have maximum well accessibility across ERD.

Prioritizing Consistency Over Speed to Improve Drilling Performance: Ryan Mayo, Drilling Optimization Engineer, Jamie Sheets, Shrey Dalal, Ensign
A demonstration on how prioritizing consistency over speed can improve overall drilling performance, by reviewing a case study focused on increasing consistency during drilling connections. The results highlight a significant decrease in NPT (such as unplanned trips, equipment damage, etc.), which led to a 35% improvement to overall cycle times.

Conference Program Committee

  • Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag Drilling
  • Stig Åtland, Equinor
  • Guido van den Bos, NOV
  • Riccardo Bramucci , Drillmec
  • Mohamed El Henawy, BP
  • Ian Ferguson, Shell
  • Josselin Gere, Transocean
  • Mark Hafle, Repsol
  • Ulrich Hahne, Herrenknecht Vertical
  • DJ Husted, InterMoor
  • Brage Johannessen, Parker Wellbore
  • Ludivine Laurent, NOV
  • Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Celine Martin, TotalEnergies
  • Jennifer Medcalf, The REACH Group
  • Matt Naeher, ExxonMobil
  • Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes
  • Steve Norton, IOGP
  • Christophe Raimbault, Valaris
  • Miguel Sanchez, Nabors
  • Michael Strauss, Ensign Energy
  • Darren Sutherland, Borr Drilling
  • Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
  • Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC
  • Leesa Teel, IADC

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