IADC World Drilling 2024 Conference & Exhibition


IADC World Drilling 2024, the leadership event for wells professionals, will explore our industry’s challenges and opportunities from a strategic, leadership perspective. The conference will examine improving the value proposition from multiple perspectives – technology, diversity, contracting, collaboration, digital solutions, and more for all stakeholders. Through high-level panels and speakers and through cutting-edge technical papers, the conference will chart each inflection point and trace the path to the industry’s future.

StartJune 18, 2024EndJune 19, 2024
Novotel Madrid Center

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Venue & Hotel

Novotel Madrid Center

Calle de O’Donnell, 53
28009 Madrid

Phone +34912214060

Negotiated Room Rate: €180,00 per room per night including breakfast, WiFi and VAT. Double Occupancy supplement is €15,00 per room per night.
Cancellation: The booking is non refundable, please note that after the booking has been made full cancellation charges will apply.
Room Rate Expires on the 26th of May. 

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  • Speakers, sponsors and guests are not eligible for online registration.
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Press Policy

Complimentary press registration is limited to one (1) person per company. This individual must be a titled editor, writer, reporter or other bona fide editorial representative of a legitimate industry or consumer publication. Publishers and sales and marketing specialists are excluded from this complimentary registration practice and must pay the full conference registration fee to attend an event.

Recording in any form (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of presentations and/or speakers during sessions, poster presentations, workshops, etc., without the express written consent of IADC and the party to be recorded is strictly prohibited.  *Those who do not comply with the Recording Equipment/Photo policy may be asked to leave the premises and barred from receiving complimentary press registration for future IADC events.

Press registration must be received 1 week prior to the event to ensure entrance.  Members of the press will be identified with a green press ribbon attached to their name badge.

Need Help? Europe@iadc.org / + 31.24.675.2252

Call for Abstracts – Deadline 10 January 2024

IADC World Drilling 2024, the leadership event for wells professionals, will explore our industry’s challenges and opportunities from a strategic, leadership perspective. The event, which convenes in Madrid, on 18-19 June, will focus on five major Topical Areas.  IADC invites submission of visionary abstracts for cutting-edge solutions on each area. Presentations that pose provocative questions, which showcase good examples of cross-industry collaboration and judged likely to prompt discussion are especially welcome. Case histories highlighting detailed content are also of great interest. Prospective presenters may be asked to participate on panels, rather than make a conventional presentation.

Our industry is facing a new environment and the past few years have significantly tested our resilience and increased the risk to our industry’s value chain. These tests sometimes come from non-foreseeable events and have taken several forms; such as responding to the needs for a more energy secure world, effects of the war in Ukraine, outcome of a pandemic, mental wellness, challenges with attracting and retaining talent in more ways than we have ever had to deal with, being the target of cyber-attacks, the ever-increasing difficultly in securing funding for our activities, working with an ageing rig fleet and strategies for prolonging and optimizing the life of assets, and the expectation from our customers and co-stakeholders to pivot along with them to alternative energy services. Coping with these challenges have shown that our companies, teams, and the people that deliver the necessary solutions are very adaptable and resilient. It has also highlighted the need to continue to strengthen this resilience muscle, and stimulate cross- industry collaboration initiatives, to take on the dynamic challenges of the future. We need to innovate more than ever and IADC World Drilling is seeking presentations that explore ideas around the best practice approaches to building resilience in our industry, companies, and people.

Involvement in drilling of geothermal and CC(U)S wells comes to mind when thinking of our contribution to Energy Transition (ET). But what else are we doing, and where? What technologies have been implemented and what plans does your company have for future technology implementation in the ET space? IADC World Drilling is seeking presentations regarding today’s experience and involvement in Geothermal, CCS and Blue Hydrogen projects as well as examples or case studies regarding existing and/or future technology adoption in the Energy Transition space.

Over the last year, we have all experienced the difficulty in recruiting talent and in the training and developing these new talents. The lack of experience as well as the building of local workforce have added in some cases significant challenges. Supervisory leadership is being asked to do more often without the proper skills and support. IADC World Drilling is seeking presentations that address attracting the next-generation workforce, development of both new, existing, and local personnel to ensure safe and efficient operations, and retention of employees within the company and industry. What skills are needed to run tomorrow’s workforce?

Adding value is essential for all industry stakeholders. Data analytics such as predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence have proven to optimize drilling technologies. These new technologies result in reduced operating costs, increased productivity and are addressing major challenges such as minimizing our carbon footprint. With the many changes occurring, now is possibly also a good time to review our fundamental business and contracting modes to see if there would be other models, which could add more value. IADC World Drilling is seeking presentations demonstrating the successful implementation of analytics, new technologies and practices, whether oilfield inspired or adapted from other industries, that improve the drilling value chain.

Companies keep a close eye on the market outlook and are continuously assessing the economics behind those forecasts. To do so, we must not only look at prevailing economic factors and historical performance but also at the possible changes in demand brought about by the energy transition and energy security dilemma. IADC World Drilling is seeking presentations addressing the global industry outlook as well as offshore and onshore rig markets.

TIPS FOR A GOOD ABSTRACT AND PRESENTATION: Communicate the strategic value of your proposal. Use Case Studies to the greatest extent possible. Conclude the presentation by summarizing the Big Idea encapsulated in your talk and its ultimate impact. Further, IADC World Drilling prizes diversity in ethnicity and gender.

Authors of selected presentations may be asked to participate in panel discussions.
Authors are invited to submit proposals for presentations at the conference. To be considered, an abstract for each proposed paper must be submitted to IADC no later than 10 January 2024. Authors of selected papers will receive confirmation letters and guidelines by the 1st of February 2024. Please note that formal papers will be accepted but are NOT required for this conference.

Prior to paper proposal submission, management clearance must be obtained. Any issues concerning clearance should be outlined when the paper proposal is submitted.

We look forward to your participation and hope to see you at this important event!

Conference Program Committee

  • Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag Drilling
  • Stig Åtland, Equinor
  • Guido van den Bos, NOV
  • Paolo Cantalupo, Drillmec
  • Mohamed El Henawy, BP
  • Ian Ferguson, Shell
  • Josselin Gere, Transocean
  • Ulrich Hahne, Herrenknecht Vertical
  • DJ Husted, InterMoor
  • Brage Johannessen, Parker Wellbore
  • Ludivine Laurent, NOV
  • Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Celine Martin, TotalEnergies
  • Jennifer Medcalf, The REACH Group
  • Matthew R. Naeher, ExxonMobil
  • Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes
  • Steve Norton, IOGP
  • Christophe Raimbault, Valaris
  • Miguel Sanchez, Nabors
  • Michael Strauss, Ensign Energy
  • Darren Sutherland, Borr Drilling
  • Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
  • Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC
  • Leesa Teel, IADC

Exhibition Information


The space will be set with a skirted table, two chairs and access to electricity. With the space, you receive 2 complimentary conference registrations and up to 2 additional registrations at half price (EUR €425). Cost for the 3 x 2 meter Table Top Space + 2 complimentary registrations is EUR € 3.000.

Exhibitions at IADC events will be limited to showcasing products and services that advance technology, competency or HSE. Exhibitions centered on recruitment or employment should not take space at IADC events. IADC Exhibitions will solely be visited by conference attendees. Non-conference attendees are not allowed to enter the exhibition area.

For more information  please contact us at europe@iadc.org or phone: +31.24.675.2252.
Exhibition space is being allocated on a first come, first served basis!



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