Get ready for another interactive 2024 IADC HSE and Sustainability Europe Conference & Exhibition! We will continue offering dynamic, quality sessions, that will tackle industry-leading HSE and Sustainability challenges. In addition to offering informational presentations delivered by subject matter experts, parts of the conference will be dedicated to highly interactive panel sessions to stimulate discussions and new ideas, while engaging all participants to create a true learning environment. This conference will serve as an indispensable forum to drive discussion of critical topics, such as training and developing the next generation, reducing GHC emissions and leveraging digital technologies to further improve the industry’s safety performance.

StartSeptember 17, 2024EndSeptember 18, 2024
CountryThe Netherlands
Hilton Rotterdam

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Tuesday, 17 September 2024

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Eamon Condon, VP Drilling and Wells – Alliance Support Team, Aker BP

09.00 Interactive Session: Industry Alliance
Moderator: Jennifer Medcalf, President, the REACH Group
The opportunities and challenges of a true Alliance. What was tried, what worked, how long did it take, how did affect the overall companies, the direct effect on safety and what would change for the next Alliance. The panel speakers will discuss these topics from not only the Alliance but from their company perspective.


  • Eamon Condon, VP Drilling and Wells – Alliance Support Team, Aker BP
  • Arne Kvamsdal, Vice President Global Account, Halliburton
  • Tor Kvinnesland, Alliance Manager, Noble Corporation
  • Stein Harald Nielsen, Vice President Operations, Odfjell Drilling

10.00 Networking Break, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

10.30 Interactive Session: How Do We as Companies Most Effectively Address the Mental Health Challenge?
Moderators: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC & Kimberley Armstrong, QHSE Manager, Valaris
In recent years, mental health issues have been of increasing concern across geographies and across industries. Partly owing to the nature of many of the operations in our industry (remote, dangerous, away from family etc.), we have seen alarming statistics and what some call a mental health crisis. Many companies do their utmost to fight the crisis or mitigate the effects of it, and many organisations build expertise and develop recommendations for how to handle the situation. One of these, is the IADC North Sea’s Mental Health and Well-being Charter, which calls for industry-wide cultural change, providing a framework that organisations can adopt and a joined-up approach based on best practices and lessons learned. Overall, this session sets out to share companies’ insights and experiences to inspire others.


  • Simon Lee Maryan PhD, Psychologist
  • Heilwine A.H.M. Bakker, Director, Balans en Impuls, in collaboration with MORE Medical
  • Heather Beach, Founder, Healthy Work Company
  • Areej Fallata, Lead Staff Coordinator Planning & Program Analyst & Thomas Sullivan, Senior Field Compliance Coordinator, Saudi Aramco
  • Darren Sutherland, Vice President for Europe and Africa, Borr Drilling

12.00 Luncheon, Open Exhibition & Poster Session

13.30 Interactive Session: Learning from Normal Work
Moderators: Mariann Jorgensen, HSE Manager North Sea & Australia, Noble Corporation & Andrew Lambert, Head of Safety, Security and Sustainability for Global Drilling and Wells, Equinor
Learning from normal work involves engaging employees at all levels of the organization in the process of identifying and implementing improvements. By involving employees in the process and considering human factors such as workload, communication, and decision-making, organizations can gain a better understanding of how work is actually performed and identify areas for improvement that take into account the realities of the workplace. This approach can help to build trust, collaboration, and a culture of safety that prioritizes the well-being of employees. Recognizing the significance of learning from both routine tasks and incidents is vital, particularly when shifting our mindset from safety defined by the absence of incidents to safety understood as the presence of capacity and controls. Learning from normal work is imperative for fostering a proactive approach to continuous improvement and safety enhancement.


  • Thomas Koester, Human Factors Specialist, Noble Corporation
  • Marcin Nazaruk, Director, Psychology Limited
  • Kristian Gould, Leading Advisor Human Factors and Organizational Safety, Equinor
  • Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Director, Baker Hughes

14.45 Overcoming the Difficulty of Measuring Human Performance in Safety Management: David Mugridge, Senior Associate, Mission Performance

15.05 Networking Break, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

15.35 Interactive Session: Barriers
Moderator: Erik Alfred Mokal Henriksen, Vice President – Director Drilling, Floating Wind and Aquaculture, DNV AS
In the drilling industry we usually differentiate between technical barriers and human barriers in order to obtain a safe and safe operation. The technical barriers do usually get high attention from owners, operators and regulators. Though, to have a really safe operation, the human barrier is just as important. How personnel is trained and educated to behave correctly in a potential dangerous situation is crucial. Are these aspects really addressed to the extent needed, and what measures are taken to ensure that we are doing the right things?


  • Silke Maria Kirchner, Well Engineering Learning Advisor, IOGP
  • Roman Bulgachev, Risk Authority Wells, Subsurface, Remediation Management, bp
  • Morten Andreassen, Senior Advisor (SME) Risk Management, Presight Solutions
  • Bryan Atchison, Managing Director, Safe Influx

16.35 Interactive Session: Attracting the Young Generation
Moderator: Patrick Janes, Vice President, HSE & Operations Support, Diamond Offshore
How do we attract and retain young employees to our industry? How environmentally conscious is the young generation and how does this influence their decision to work in our industry? How can AI and new technologies attract the young generation? Does your company have career progression paths in place? Join us in this interactive session with the youngsters that are the future of our industry.


  • Hannah Bom, Human Resource Director, Swift Drilling, member of the Van Es Group
  • Marinara Rosa, Health & Safety Committee Coordinator, IOGP
  • Martijn Rozemeijer, General Board Member, Young IRO, Category Sales Manager-Offshore, Kersten B.V.
  • Filip Miklúš, Student, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Safety and Security Management Studies
  • Eliscia Brown, Student, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Safety and Security Management Studies

17.45-18.45 Networking Reception, Open Exhibition & Poster Session

Wednesday, 18 September 2024

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by Transocean

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Mark Wilson, HSE & Operations Director, Offshore Energies UK

09.00 Security
Session chair: Ansgar Schwietering, QHSSET Assurance Manager-Land, KCA Deutag

Overview on The Changing Risk Environment in The Physical and Cyber Space: Timo Koster, Independent Strategic Advisor & Board Member, Former Cyber Ambassador at MFA NL, Former Director Defense Policy at NATO

Case Studies for Physical Risks on Drilling Assets: Cliff Thoburn, Head of Security and Intelligence, RMI

Case Study Cyber Attack: Jim Rocco, Senior Director-Government & Industry Affairs-Offshore, IADC, Staff Liaison Cybersecurity Committee

10.30 Networking Break, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by Transocean

11.00 Featured presentation: Valaris’ Greenhand Referral and Training/Coaching Program: Kimberley Armstrong, QHSE Manager, Valaris

11.20 Interactive Session: ESG Reporting & Reducing Emissions
Moderator: Gøran Furland, Vice President QHSE, Odfjell Drilling
In Today‘s world, the fight against climate change must meet the need for transparent business practices. Our panel of experts will unpack the latest strategies for navigating this critical landscape, building trust with all stakeholders with robust ESG reporting, and leveraging effective emissions reduction to pave the way for a sustainable future. If you want to gain insights from the leaders shaping the future of responsible business practices, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how transparency fuels sustainability and discover actionable steps to minimize your environmental impact.


  • Anton Rushakov, Reporting Manager, Sustainability, Noble Services Company
  • Manoj Tripathi, Sustainability Manager, Shelf Drilling Management Services
  • Daniel Asher, Chief Executive Officer, IRE Oil and Gas FZE
  • Martijn Rozemeijer, General Board Member, Young IRO, Category Sales Manager-Offshore, Kersten B.V.

12.30 Luncheon, Open Exhibition & Poster Session

14:00 Interactive Session: HSE Performance Indicators
Moderator: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Director, Baker Hughes
How do we translate safety performance indicators into meaningful insights? Do the indicators we use have the desired impact on organizational performance? How do we develop the right KPI’s, preferably integrating both lagging and leading indicators? And is our traditional focus on LTI’s and TRI’s really the most relevant? This session sets out to hear the views of our panelists on these questions and to have an open discussion about the challenge at hand.


  • Selma Piric, Safety & Risk Expert, Safety Rebels
  • Kyle Divine, Lead Field Compliance Coordinator, Saudi Aramco
  • Jarand Hindenes, Regional Medical Director, International SOS
  • Asle Jøssang, SSU Manager Joint Operations and Subsurface, Equinor

15.00 Networking Break, Open Exhibition & Poster Session – Sponsored by Transocean

15.30 Navigating the Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) Phenomenon: Daryl Wake, Business Development Director, DEKRA UK Ltd.

15.50 Virtual HSE Assistant: MJ Karbasian, Founder & CEO, Veunex Global

16.10 Adjournment

Poster Session & Unassigned Papers of Note:

The following paper proposals are presented as posters and will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Implementation of Learning from Normal Work: Real-Life Examples: Marcin Nazaruk, Director, Psychology Limited
The poster will show practical examples of how to integrate Learning from Normal Work into the existing processes, such as: leadership visits, risk assessment, incident investigations, behavioural observations, accountability, and consequence management. And key enablers of success, such as leadership mindset, key skills and competencies and hands-on tools.

Heat Stress Mitigation and Challenges in Onshore Drilling Rigs Operation: Abdelhak Saidi, HSSE Supervisor, Horizon Petroleum Services
Due to the nature of our hot weather environment, we must endure extreme heat for extended periods during daily operations on the drilling site, which can result in injuries and illnesses for outdoor workers at the workplace. Employers have a responsibility to provide the necessary resources for effective control and management in order to mitigate risks related to heat stress, which involves combining all necessary safety measures and considering its challenges that can be faced.

The Elimination of Fluid Spills to the Ocean via Slip-Joint Packer Failure with Packer Management Technology: Craig Martin, Global Business Development Manager – Archer Surface Solutions
On floating drill ships, semi-submersible rigs and platforms, slip joint packers are used to seal drilling fluid within the telescopic riser. These elastomer seals are subject to wear through the action of ocean swell and tide – and can eventually leak. If seal failure/leak is undetected, it can result in drilling/circulating fluids spillage to the ocean. We have developed Packer Management technology which eliminates this risk for the operator, and protects the environment.

Conference Program Committee

  • Kimberley Armstrong, Valaris
  • Jason Bersch, Transocean
  • Gøran Furland, Odfjell Drilling
  • David Goyallon, TotalEnergies
  • Mohamed El Henawy, BP
  • Patrick Janes, Diamond Offshore
  • Mariann Jorgensen, Noble Corporation
  • Andrew Lambert, Equinor ASA
  • Jennifer Medcalf, The REACH Group
  • Erik Alfred Mokal Henriksen, DNV AS
  • Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes
  • Ansgar Schwietering, KCA Deutag
  • Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC

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