Model Contracts

Model Contracts adopted by the IADC are available to any person. However, these forms were intended to be used by those in the oil and gas industry and that are familiar with their use. Any changes or mistakes in the use of a model contract may result in a financial loss or a contract that is not enforceable. Persons using these forms assume all risks associated with their proper use.

If you have any question about these model contracts or what changes can be made, you should contact an attorney for assistance. The IADC cannot provide legal advice to anyone on private contractual matters.

Document Title Download File Size
US Daywork Driling Contract PDF  |  Word  332 KB | 74 KB
International Land Daywork Drilling Contract PDF  |  Word 374 KB  | 89 KB
 International Offshore Daywork Drilling Contract PDF  |  Word 377 KB  | 94 KB
US Offshore Turnkey Drilling Contract PDFWord 407 KB | 94 KB
US Footage Drilling Contract PDFWord 328 KB | 75 KB
Master Service Contract PDFWord 216 KB | 41 KB
Model Turnkey Contract PDFWord 415 KB | 90 KB
US Offshore Daywork Drilling Contract PDFWord 359 KB | 89 KB