IADC ISP Plaques

Safety? NEVER COMPETITIVE. Bragging Rights? ALWAYS!

Safety’s not competitive in the drilling industry, but bragging rights always are!

You have worked hard to build an impressive safety record. Your employees work hard to maintain a solid safety culture. Tell your customers by show casing your good record with an IADC plaque. IADC ISP plaques are a stand-out way to ensure the world knows how successful your accident prevention program is.

IADC offers two types of plaques, The Executive Grade and The Supreme Grade. Both plaques include company name, rig name or number, and shows its time without a Lost Time or Recordable incident.

IADC acknowledges these rigs in the monthly DrillBits newsletter.

Get extra plaques for the office, rig and your top employees. Fire those guys up with a well-deserved pat on the back. IADC ISP plaques are only available to companies participating in the IADC ISP program, the industry’s definitive safety statistics program since 1961.

Plaque Details

Custom designed walnut plaques. Each plaque is 8” x 10” and engraved with company name and rig name or number.

Executive Plaque: Bronze-tone safety excellence medallion on a red velvet background with gold engraved text on a raised bronze-tone plate.

Supreme Plaque: Laser engraved text with company name, rig name and IADC logo in raised gold lettering.

Supreme Plaque

Supreme Plaque

Executive Plaque

Executive Plaque
To participate in ISP, please email isp@iadc.org.