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Data Driven Drilling & Completions

Trax specializes in the management and analysis of digital data to streamline workflows, improve efficiencies, and optimize Drilling and Completions operations.

Our systems are predicated upon leveraging the myriad of  data sources within each process, to generate a coherent set of tools that seamlessly display the data, facilitate collaboration, and simplify data interaction

Date Founded: 2005
Category: Digital Drilling & Completions
Contact: Séan A. Emery


Digital Dull Bit Forensic Scanner/Software system

Digitize, Optimize and Mitigate Damage in Drilling Operations

  • Produce digital dull bit grA+de data autonomously, including wear measurements & characteristics as per current IADC protocols
  • Compare to original sharp bit and/or CAD model for QC & QA
  • Export analysis results to CSV or other output file formats, to use in analytics or other software packages including applying to EDR drilling data sets

Optimize bit performance from surface to TD.

Automated Dull Bit Grading is the only way to ensure consistent and accurate measurements of the most important part of the Drilling system, the bit.

-Brandon Friess, Seven Generations, Drilling Engineer

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