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For over 30 years Oil States Industries has been trusted to inspect, service, test and enhance the performance of all capital drilling equipment on a global scale and irrespective of OEM. Our experience, knowledge and insights of existing drilling technologies is unparalleled, which means innovating and manufacturing our own world-leading Capital Drilling Systems and MPD Riser Integration Joint was the natural next step.

Oil States rises to the challenges drilling customers face today with conventional MPD systems.  We now offer the OSI MPD System which is Lighter, More Compact, Easier to Handle, and Simpler to Run and Maintain.  Please contact us to learn more!

Date Founded 1942
Category Capital Drilling Technology and Asset Management Services
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OSI MPD Riser Integration Joint

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Find out why OSI’s clean sheet approach to design of an new RIJ has resulted in a system that is lighter, faster, and safer than conventional MPD systems.

Oil States High Pressure Drilling Riser

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With over 30 years supplying the industry with HPDR systems for sale or rental, Oil States is a Global One-Stop for Riser Service.  We design, analyze, manufacture, and UKAS-certified test all in-house.  Then, we take care of the mobilization and the installation for you.  Streamline your project with Oil States Global One-Stop Riser Service.

OSI Casing & Conductor Connector Solutions

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Oil States offers a full suite of casing & conductor solutions for all types of well applications as well as turnkey pipe & connector fabrication services.

Oil States Merlin Marine Drilling Riser (MMDR)

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Features automated, hands-free Merlin™ connection make-up within less than 1 minute compared to traditional flanged riser systems for dramatically improved speed of running/retrieval and safety.

High Performance Redefined

The OSI MPD Riser Integration Joint offers improved Safety, Convenience, and Performance.

Lighter (15000kg) • Compact (40ft long) • Easy Handling • Fast Rig-up •  Retrievable Bearing Assembly over Well Center •  Eliminates Crossovers • Hands-free Stab Flow Lines/Umbilical