Company Bio

Moog is a leader in motion control technology and has provided reliable products and solutions for a wide range of industries for more than 65 years, including 35 years serving the oil & gas industry. Going beyond the capabilities of traditional component providers, our team of Engineers meet customer needs through consultation and custom designed solutions as needed. With a full compliment of pre-engineered and custom products that are certified for international use in hazardous locations, Moog has the experience and capabilities to provide a complete solution or assimilate components to an existing system.

In Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, the need for safety, reliability, and efficiency create a challenging mix when it comes to motion control solutions. Extracting material deep below onshore and offshore surfaces expose equipment to extreme temperatures and constant vibration under heavy usage. Reliable and efficient components require a specialized skill set and industry specific knowledge to ensure the best solution is in place.

Moog meets these demands through pre-engineered and custom solutions. As a global provider of world-class motion control products, our engineers have deep experience and understanding of offshore and onshore equipment needs.

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Common Applications

  • Top Drives
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Turn Table
  • Drawworks Braking
  • Pipe handling and positioning
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Valve actuators
  • Seismic Thumper Trucks


The Leading Oil and Gas Solutions Provider.