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Tool Tethering Experts

NLG makes it easy to stop drops, with clever tool tethering and simple training.

Within the oil and gas industry, everyone knows the potential cost of a dropped object. It’s not just about equipment damage and lost production. 

It’s about saving lives!

For years, dropped tools have posed a difficult hazard to manage with solutions being poorly designed and hard to use. But now, with the support of NLG, we see progressive organisations choose the safest tool lanyards which operatives actually enjoy using and stopping dropped objects.

NLG’s robust range of tool tethering equipment is engineered to perform to the highest standards – tested in the harshest environments and approved by the most demanding Health & Safety professionals. 

What makes NLG tool tethering the safest?

Every item is:

  • Serial numbered
  • Third-party tested and certified
  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2008 compliant 
  • CE marked
  • High visibility

Just getting started? Check out this guide to stopping dropped objects.

Killer on the Loose

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Change the way your operatives see tools at height forever.

We’ll setup a 90 day review meeting to check everything is running as you expected, address challenges and develop future improvements together.