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MOG Industry Training (MOGIT) is a Thai registered company specializing in HSE training to the onshore & offshore oil and gas industry, construction, maritime and manufacturing sectors.
Our course list includes over 100 popular HSE courses. We also provide a range of client focused services, including bespoke training.

The company has created a training system in conjunction with the Technical Petroleum Training Institute (TPTI) that focuses on client satisfaction. After many years in operational management roles in industry the principals of the Company understand that one of the biggest headaches from any company is to find a training provider that can meet a company’s standards and provide service at short notice at any location.

To this end, the company has an abiding philosophy to “take away the client’s training problems, provide professional instruction, ensure value for money and provide training at short notice”.
To meet this philosophy, the Company puts together packages for clients in Thailand and across Asia including flights, transport, hotel accommodation in the resort town of Pattaya and Songkhla in the South Thailand.

Technical Petroleum Training Institute

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The Department of Mineral Resources, in association with Petroleum concessionaires and various service companies in the petroleum business in Thailand have established the Technical Petroleum Training Institute (TPTI), an independent non-profit organization, in year 2000. The purpose of TPTI is to provide training services focusing on health, safety, environment, technology and related fields for personnel working in the petroleum exploration and production industry. MOGIT are partnered with TPTI to deliver these training services.

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Our Mission is to provide up-to-date, high-quality industry training together with unparalleled client service