IADC Well Control Committee

IADC Well Control Committee

Meeting & Venue Details

Ritz Carlton, LaSalle Room
921 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70112

A virtual option will be available to those unable to attend in person


Start DateAugust 21, 2023Start Time2:30 pm
End DateAugust 21, 2023End Time4:30 pm


1. Open Meeting: Introductions and Anti-Trust… 5 min

2. Well Sharp Update: What’s new, what’s being worked, how can we help?… 15 min

3. Q2 + Q3 “Working” Session: Re-aligning 2023 Goals… 30 min

a. Technical issues

i. Handling Ballooning

ii. Overlap of MPD

iii. Standardized IADC Kill Sheets (discussed as priority in Q1)

iv. MGS vs H2S

b. Training improvements

i. Expand Question Review

ii. Additional content: Trip Sheets

iii. Additional content: MPD

iv. Minimum new hire training

c. Confirm topics to focus on. Discuss path(s) forward

4. Recent Events / Trends Open Discussion… 30 min

5. Best Practices / Technology / Other Info

a. Update on IOGP 476 (PP / FG Recommendations) vs Well Sharp Review… 5 min

b. Overview / Discussion on IOGP 668 (Gamification of WC training)… 15 min

c. API Insights – Mel Whitby… 20 min

IADC Well Control Committee Mission

The purpose of the Well Control Committee is to advance the Drilling Industry, from pre-drill planning to plug and abandonment including remedial work, by providing an international, industry-wide forum for collaboration and exchange of best practices related to well control.

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General Committee meetings are open to participants from all categories of IADC membership. The Chairman may invite non-members to attend when it furthers the interests of the Committee. At the discretion of the Chairman and IADC staff, the meeting or portions of the meeting may be exclusively reserved for drilling contractor members. Meetings will be held at such times and locations as may be selected by the Chairman with the advice of the Committee. For any questions, please contact the IADC Committee Coordinator. IADC Technical Committee meetings are not open to the Press.