IADC DEC Tech Forum - “Addressing the Challenges of 4-mile Laterals”

Meeting & Venue Details

All times listed are central (08:00 Houston / 14:00 UK / 17:00 Dubai).

Start DateJune 25, 2024Start Time8:00 am
End DateJune 25, 2024End Time12:00 pm
Address11909 FM 529, Houston, TX 77041
Hybrid Event

The event will be both in-person and virtual/online. The in-person event will be held at Weatherford Technology and Training Center, 11909 FM 529, Houston, TX 77041. Please register early to ensure your seat.

The zoom invitation will be emailed the day before the meeting to those who have registered. Note: Email containing the Zoom info may be filtered into spam, so please check there if you haven’t received the email. If you have not received your Zoom link by 3:00pm CDT on the 24th, please email committee.support@iadc.org for assistance.
Thanks to our host: Weatherford!
Weatherford Technology & Training Center

IADC DEC Q2 2024 Tech Forum,

“Addressing the Challenges of 4-mile Laterals”

Tuesday, 25 June, 8:00am-12:00pm

Venue: Weatherford Technology and Training Center, 11909 FM 529, Houston, TX 77041

The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) will hold its Q2 technology forum focused on the burning question of drilling and producing from a 4-mile lateral. The industry is pushing the status quo and always challenging normal operating envelopes in both the conventional and unconventional space. With the advancement and scaling up, more is required to get the most out of these wells and drill ultra-extended longer reach laterals. Currently 2-3 mile laterals are drilled in a record number of days, due to selection and utilization of the right equipment, technology, people and process.

As well construction engineers focused on drilling, completions and production, we have a passion to push the envelope beyond our comfort zones and are already looking at drilling 4-6 mile laterals. Flawless execution of these wells requires understanding the why’s and how’s behind drilling such long wells and, therefore, the session will invite everyone from drilling, completions and production to think this through as an integrated well construction approach through the lifecycle of the well. Using a drill well on paper format, we will discuss as groups consisting of operators, rig contractors, service companies and technology providers, the best methods to execute drilling and producing a 4-mile lateral.

The event format will truly be “workshop style” with breakout sessions under 3 main categories that will encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across operators, rig contractors and service partners. The sessions will focus on key areas on the following 3 subtopics with the common goal of drilling and producing from a 4-mile lateral.

  1. Preplanning, risk mitigation and flawless drilling execution (for in-person participants only)
  2. Liner running and cementing (for in-person participants only)
  3. Completion, intervention and workover (for online participants only)

At the end, we will summarize and present the key takeaways from the three areas as a comprehensive solution to this challenge to the entire session (in-person and online participants together).

The event will be held in person at Weatherford Technology and Training Center, 11909 FM 529, Houston, TX 77041. An online option via Zoom will be offered for those who can’t attend in person – however, please note that online attendees will only be able to participate in Breakout Session #3 (Completion, intervention and workover). Register on the IADC website for either in-person or online attendance. A light lunch will be provided for in-person attendees at the conclusion of the event by our host, Weatherford.

Special thanks to our event host Weatherford!

For more information, contact Linda Hsieh, linda.hsieh@iadc.org, +1-713-292-1945, ext 219.

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