IADC Corporate Social Responsibility

IADC Corporate Social Responsibility

At the core of IADC’s mission is an imperative to promote the highest standards of stewardship in industry safety standards, environmental integrity and operational efficiency.

The drilling industry provides the fuel that powers the world economy. Within that role is a tremendous responsibility to protect both the environment and the people tasked with recovering the world’s energy resources with integrity. IADC takes this role seriously and is committed to HSE practices that ensure the health and safety of both employees and the communities in which we operate.

We respect the relationship between the opportunities that oil and gas jobs provide to communities and the environmental responsibilities that go along with increased drilling activity. As such, IADC encourages its member companies to stay informed and updated on the risks and opportunities related to climate change in order to best protect the environment and communities that support oil and gas activity.

We are committed to promoting responsible operations by fostering industry best practices that mitigate negative impact and maximize the benefits of drilling operations wherever our members operate.

Creating Industry-Leading Safety Standards

IADC believes that an educated and well-trained workforce is key to achieving industry’s stated goal of zero accidents and zero incidents all the time. As such, IADC accreditation programs aim to incorporate expertise from a wide spectrum of industry veterans to ensure that worker-training programs are consistently updated to reflect the latest drilling technology and well-pad advancements.

Workforce Diversity and Development

IADC is committed to encouraging diversity both within the Association and in the industry workforce.  Our approach to diversity focuses on developing a workplace environment that maximizes the potential of all employees by valuing diversity interpersonally and institutionally.  IADC is focused on initiatives that encourage the recruitment and career management of anyone interested in undergoing the rigorous training that is required to produce the next generation of drilling industry leaders.

IADC is also committed to cultivating talent at the college level, and as such, introduced Student Chapters to encourage students interested in a future in the oil and gas industry to get involved with the Association before they graduate. As an association that represents the thought-leaders in the drilling contracting industry, IADC is in a position to provide students with mentorship from long-time industry experts anxious to help students achieve their career goals.

Supporting the Community and Families

At a corporate level, IADC understands the importance of giving back to communities and families.  As such, IADC donates a portion of proceeds from every conference to Doctors without Borders in lieu of speaker compensation. IADC chapters across the world also host events with the singular purpose of benefiting charities local to their communities.

IADC is committed to making a positive difference where we work and live – and that starts within our own families and, as such, the Association offers its employees several benefits which aid them with caring for their loved ones.   IADC will regularly review these benefits to insure we are in-step with other leading organizations in our industry.