IADC Partners with Wounded Warrior Project to Employ Injured Veterans

IADC Partners with Wounded Warrior Project to Employ Injured Veterans

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IADC Partners with Wounded Warrior Project to Employ Injured Veterans

Houston, Texas (November 11, 2016) – Offering meaningful employment opportunities for injured U.S. veterans is the goal of a unique collaboration between the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), Lloyd’s Register and the Wounded Warrior Project.

The program offers an opportunity for veterans, through the Wounded Warrior Project’s Warriors to Work Program, to work as proctors, overseeing the testing assessment portion of IADC’s WellSharp well control training program.

“It was during a long, all-day meeting with our training providers in late 2014 that someone in the room suggested that the proctor positions required by the WellSharp program would be a great employment opportunity for veterans,” said Mark Denkowski, IADC Executive Vice President, Operational Integrity. “It was from that small seed that this program has grown. When we partnered with Lloyd’s Register as the proctor management company, it was written into the contract that as many veterans be hired for these positions as possible.”

As many as 160 Wounded Warriors have been trained as proctors, and an estimated 125 have actually proctored for IADC, making IADC the biggest employer within the Warriors to Work program.

“The partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project has been incredibly successful, and we have received positive feedback from both the proctors and training providers,” said Mr. Denkowski. “This program contains an important feature. Unlike with other third-party contract employment, if a training provider chooses to hire a proctor for a permanent position in their company, they are able to do that. It’s an incredible opportunity for possible long-term employment for the veterans participating in the program.”

For more information about WellSharp, please visit IADC’s website. To speak with a veteran participating in the proctoring program, please call Amy Rose.

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