Vehicles: Highway Courtesy

Vehicles: Highway Courtesy

The basic purpose of traffic laws is to create an orderly flow of traffic. When these laws are broken the result is traffic congestion, poor attitudes and accidents.  Lack of courtesy and consideration by one driver toward another can have the same results. Include courtesy in your driving for maximum trouble-free motoring.

Experienced drivers who get involved in accidents have generally developed one or more poor driving habits.  These habits generally show up in chance taking and a general lack of courtesy on the highway.  Be ready and willing to give other drivers a break in traffic.  Courtesy makes the difference between bottlenecks in traffic and free flowing traffic.

The practice of switching to the lower beam at night is one of the basic rules of the road.  However, some drivers forget to dim lights and others simply refuse to dim.  To retaliate by putting on your own bright lights may only result in having two blind drivers on the road and increase the possibility of an accident.  Avoid looking into the approaching lights.  Direct your eyes toward the right hand edge of the pavement and use that edge as a guideline.

Highway courtesy pays. Give the other fellow the break and save yourself from being involved in an accident.  You’ll make a friend and at the same time help traffic move more smoothly.

The problem of drivers and pedestrians constantly fighting each other for the right-of-way at intersections has resulted in countless accidents causing serious injury or death to the pedestrian.  Make it a point to yield to pedestrians regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

Let’s leave passing on curves to beauty contest judges.