Incident Statistics Program (ISP) Disclaimer

This document contains information based on incident data that has been gathered through IADC’s ISP Program. The purpose of this program is to assist in the industry’s efforts to improve safety on drilling rigs by providing data on incident trends and rates.

The data contained in IADC’s ISP program is submitted voluntarily and is unaudited. Every effort has been made by IADC to assure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained in this report, however, IADC makes no representation, warranty or guarantee in connection with this report and hereby expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the use of this data.

IADC is not attempting to fulfill any duties or obligations of employers to warn, properly train or equip their employees or others who may be affected by their activities, concerning any health, safety, or environmental risks or precautions.

Charts contained in this report may be reproduced for internal company reports by highlighting the particular chart, copying and pasting it into the company document. IADC ISP data charts that are copied are not to be modified in any way.

The IADC logo is to be used only when printing or showing the Annual Report of Occupational Injuries as downloaded from Information on the proper use or copying of the IADC logo can be obtained from IADC’s Member Services Department.