Download the MPD Tool

QUICK: 3-Step Installation

  • Step 1: Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Step 2: Download the MPD Tool and extract into a New Folder. DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Step 3: Open the New Folder, and click the ‘IADC_MPD.exe’ file.

COMPLETE NOTES: Full Install / Usage Notes

  1. Download the zip file. DOWNLOAD NOW
  2. Unzip all files into a new directory. All files in the zip file must be in the directory with the EXE file in order to run.
  3. You may need to have Administrator privileges (for your computer) to run the program.
  4. Potential installation/running problems
    • The program needs Microsoft Net Framework 4 (admin privileges). The official download is available from Microsoft’s website. DOWNLOAD NOW
    • The program reads data from a MS Excel spreadsheet.
      [Specific version requirements, if any, are not known at this time, but MS Excel 2003 or later is recommended.]