Training Working & Competency Party Mission Statement

The mission of the IADC North Sea Chapter Training & Competency Working Party (NSC TCWP) is to provide a forum for local Chapter member representatives to raise and discuss issues relevant to the training and competency function of the North Sea drilling industry.  Its aims are to promote awareness of training and competency and to facilitate the exchange of information regarding suitable training methods and materials that benefit local drilling and drilling services industries.

Functions of the NSC TCWP include:
  • Exchanging information regarding training and competency opportunities, methods, materials, and career development
  • Reporting as needed on the training and competence needs of the industry at Chapter meetings
  • Developing recommendations for consideration by the Chapter relating to:
    • The knowledge, skills and abilities needed by the industry;
    • Training methods and training materials; and
    • Accreditation of training programs
  • Represent IADC NSC members on industry bodies and workgroups as required, and interact with other bodies such as OPITO, Step Change, NSOAF, SQA, individual oil companies, and others who affect training matters
  • Work for harmonisation of training and competency requirements across the North Sea to facilitate movements across boundaries

Training & Competency Working Party Structure

A member (or in the case of Joint Chairmanship, members) will be nominated by the North Sea Chapter to chair the Training Committee. TCWP chair appointments will be approved at Chapter meeting level. The TCWP Chair may at their discretion work with other TCWP members to appoint sub-groups/task forces to oversee specific issues emanating from the TCWP (e.g. Safety Leadership Training, Green Hands Training etc).

Training & Competency Working Party Meetings Policy

TCWP meetings are open to both drilling contractor and associate members of the Chapter. At the discretion of the chairperson and IADC NSC staff, meetings or portions thereof may be exclusively reserved for drilling contractor members.