BOEM Must Complete Air Quality Studies Before Instituting Final Rule

BOEM Must Complete Air Quality Studies Before Instituting Final Rule

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BOEM Must Complete Air Quality Studies Before Instituting Final Rule

Houston, Texas (20 June 2016) –  Today, IADC, along with other industry trade organizations, issued a letter to the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) regarding the Air Quality Control, Reporting and Compliance Proposed Rule. In response to those comments, IADC President Jason McFarland issued the following statement:

“IADC and its members are committed to drilling for this country’s vast energy resources in a manner that respects and protects the environment and we support regulation that is sensible and transparent. However, in it’s current state, BOEM’s air quality proposed rule would offer no beneficial impact on air quality while imposing significant financial and data collection burdens to industry.”

“The proposed rule was devised before ongoing air quality studies, conducted under the auspices of BOEM, could be completed. An understanding of whether activities on the outer continental shelf even have a negative impact on onshore air quality is imperative. Scientific data may well prove that a revised rule is unnecessary. Industry is owed a thorough analysis before being asked to make costly operational changes.”

“The U.S. House Appropriations Committee agrees, and last week included an amendment in its Interior Appropriations bill addressing this very point, by requiring BOEM to complete their own air quality modeling studies before enforcing a final rule. It is also worthwhile to consider that the existing BOEM air quality regulatory program has worked successfully for more than 30 years.”

“IADC, along with industry partners, has asked BOEM to reconsider their tight timeline for instituting a final rule in order to adequately address concerns that it will impose unintended costs and contains provisions outside of BOEM’s authority. We look forward to an opportunity to work collaboratively to develop a final rule that protects the environment without hindering the oil and gas industry from providing the energy that fuels the U.S. economy.”


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